Issue 3: This is Not Our Warlock Episode (Guardians of the Galaxy)

August 11, 2016

This Week: The insane world of Marvel Cosmic brings us renegade characters from around the universe: The Guardians of the Galaxy! And... A Hot Toys Stand rant.

Reading List:

Guardians of the Galaxy: Marvel Super Heroes #18, Avengers 167-177, Anything from Vol 2 & 3.

Star Lord: Marvel Preview #4 & 11, Thanos #8-12, Annihilation Conquest: Star Lord mini series.

Gamora: Strange Tales #180-181, Warlock #9-11, 15, Infinity Watch Series

Drax: Iron Man #55, Infinity Watch Series, Annihilation Conquest Series

Rocket: Marvel Preview #7, The Incredible Hulk #271, Rocket Raccoon Mini series (1985)

Groot: Tales to Astonish #13, The Incredible Hulk Annual #5, Nick Fury's Howling Commando's mini series, Annihilation Conquest mini series

Also recommended with the Infinity Watch series: Infinity Gantlet, Infinity War, Infinity Crusade.

Sac Anime Dates: Sept. 2-4
San Fransisco Comic Con: Sept: 2-4
Merced Comic Con: Sept. 17th
Chico Con: Aug. 27th

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