Issue 42: Thor & Asgard

November 6, 2017

This week! We talk about the mightiest Avenger, Thor! Plus we cover a whole grip of Asgardians as well as review Thor: Ragnarok at the end of the episode!


Reading List

  • Journey into Mystery #83 1962 (First Thor)
  • Journey into Mystery #85 (First Heimdall)
  • Journey into Mystery #86 (First Loki & Odin)
  • Journey into Mystery #92 (first Frigga)
  • Journey into Mystery #102 (first Hela & Sif)
  • Journey into Mystery #103 (first Amora)
  • Journey into Mystery #119 (first Warriors Three)
  • Tales of Asgard #1 1968
  • Thor #126 1966 (Journey into Mystery becomes Thor vol 1)
  • Thor #182 – 259 John Buscema run
  • Thor #274 (Ragnarok)
  • Thor #275 (first Sigyn)
  • Thor #337 Walt Simonson era (first Beta Ray Bill)
  • Thor Annual #11 the history of Mjolnir
  • Thor #391 (first Eric Masterson)

Issue 41: Morbius

October 23, 2017

This week! We talk about the sorta-kinda-vampire-but-not-really, Morbius! Also, you know, televsion and movies. 

Reading List: 

  • Amazing Spider-man #101 (which I own)
  • Adventure into Fear #20 - 31 (first solo story)
  • Marvel Team Up #3 and #4
  • Marvel Comics Presents #144


  • Morbius: The Living Vampire (1992)
  • Vampire Tales Vol 1 – 3 collecting all 11 issues of the Vampire Tales Magazine
  • Rise of the Midnight Sons crossover (32 issues across the following titles: Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme, Ghost Rider vol 2, & Nightstalkers, Darkhold, Silver Sable & the Wild Pack and Spirits of Vengeance – 1992 – 1995)
  • Legion of Monsters: Morbius (2007)
  • Midnight Sons Unlimited Series (1993 – 1995)
  • Marvel Max - Dead of Night Featuring: Werewolf by Night

Issue 40: Iron Man

October 9, 2017

This week: The long awaited Iron Man show! Plus, Eva breaks down Blade Runner 2049.

Reading List:

  • Tales of Suspense #39 (First Appearance, March 1963)
  • Iron Man #1 (May 1968)
  • Demon in a Bottle (Iron Man Vol 1 #120-128)
  • Iron Man: The Iron Age Vol 1 # 1-2 (Rare 1998 Mini-series)
  • Further Reading Material:
    • Armor Wars (Iron Man Vol 1 #225-232)
    • Armor Wars II (Iron Man Vol 1 #258-266)
    • Doomquest (Iron Man Vol 1 #149-150)
    • Iron Monger (Iron Man Vol 1 #190-200)
    • Extremis (Iron Man Vol 4 #1-6)
    • Deliverance (Iron Man Vol 1 #182)
    • The Beginning of the End (Iron Man Vol 1 #17-23)
    • Dragon Seed Saga (Iron Man Vol 1 #270-276)

Issue 39: Psylocke

October 2, 2017

This week! We dive into another complex character treated poorly: Psylocke! Also, we discuss writing fallbacks and other comic things.

Reading List:

● Captain Britain vol 1 #8 first actual appearance

● New Mutans Annual #2 first American appearance

● Marvel Daredevils UK #3 backstory and 1 st purple hair

● Captain Britain vol 2 #13 takes over as Captain Britain

● Uncanny X-Men 251 Ninja Psylocke

● Uncanny X-Men #256, #257 #258 Lady Mandrin saga

● X-Men vol 2 #20 Revanche first appearace

● X-Men vol 2 #31 & #32 death of Revanche


Issue 38: Ghost Rider

September 25, 2017

This week! Eva and Ben dive into the most damned character in all of the Marvel universe: Ghost Rider!

Reading List:

  • Ghost Rider: Road to Damnation #1-6
  • This story can also be found in trade under the title “Ghost Rider: Road to Damnation”
  • Further Reading Material
    • The Ghost Rider #1-7 (1967)
    • Marvel Spotlight #5-12 (1972)
    • Ghost Rider Vol. 1 (1973, 81 Issues)
    • Ghost Rider: Vengeance Unbound (1990, 94 Issues)
    • Ghost Rider: Vicious Cycle (2006, 35 Issues)
    • Ghost Rider & Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance (1992, 23 Issues)
    • Ghost Rider: Trail of Tears (2007, 6 Issues)
    • Ghost Riders: Heaven’s on Fire (2009, 6 Issues)

Issue 37: Maximum Carnage

September 18, 2017

This week! We look at one of the most popular Spider-Man characters of all time, Carnage! Join us as we cover the story Maximum Carnage, do some media review, and have a little catch-up session (since we haven't been in the studio for like six weeks).

Reading List

  • Part 1: Spider-Man Unlimited#1
  • Part 2: Web of Spider-Man#101
  • Part 3: The Amazing Spider-Man#378
  • Part 4: Spider-Man#35
  • Part 5: The Spectacular Spider-Man#201
  • Part 6: Web of Spider-Man #102
  • Part 7: The Amazing Spider-Man #379
  • Part 8: Spider-Man #36
  • Part 9: Spectacular Spider-Man #202
  • Part 10: Web of Spider-Man #103
  • Part 11: The Amazing Spider-Man #380
  • Part 12: Spider-Man #37
  • Part 13: The Spectacular Spider-Man #203
  • Part 14: Spider-Man Unlimited #2
  • This story can also be found in trade under the title “Maximum Carnage”
  • Other reading material: Carnage: Mind Bomb, Carnage: It’s a Wonderful Life

Check This Out


One Shot: Ghostbusters (2016)

August 16, 2017

This was the one and only thing we ever posted on our blogger. It didn't make sense to have a blogger anymore, so we moved this over here.


Rating: 7.5/10


Directed by:     Paul Feig


Starring:          Kristen Wiig as Erin Gilbert

                        Melissa McCarthy as Abby Yates

                        Kate McKinnon as Jillian Holtzmann

                        Leslie Jones as Patty Tolan

                        Chris Hemsworth as Kevin

                        Neil Casey as Rowan North


Spoiler-Free:   While not quite on par with the original, this reboot of the classic 80’s franchise stands on its own. Everything about it is decent, which overall is good enough. If this movie’s main goal is to sell toys or get children (especially girls) interested in a new franchise, then Sony definitely hit it out of the park. While something could be said for the absence of nostalgia (this is definitely not your parent’s Ghostbusters), this isn’t where the movie falters. Parts of the movie seem flat, but for an unexpected reason. A case can be made that a large portion of the movie is steeped in female-centric culture. Now before anyone gets their sexist-asshole pitchforks out, let me be specific. It is my own misinterpretation and lack of understanding about female-centric culture that causes this, not anything specifically about the movie itself. When I look through my typical lens of how I view the world, there are parts of the movie that I just don’t understand. But that’s more because I’m a man than anything else, and I’ll admit, it took me about 2/3 of the movie before I noticed this. When I adjusted my viewing lens to understand that I was watching a movie that represents a completely different culture, it made complete sense, and I enjoyed it much more. Maybe if I had gone into the theater in that frame of mind, the movie would have gotten an even higher score. At any rate, I enjoyed myself, and while the box office numbers aren’t really the kind of digits that start a franchise, hopefully the toy line will compensate. Because honestly, by the end of it, I really wanted more.


Spoilers:          We don’t always think about culture because we don’t always see it. The comfortable confines of our homes and computer screens prevent us from being forced to think about how we might be different from one another. But even in these atmospheres, there are two intermingling cultures that are almost impossible to separate: male culture and female culture. This might be upsetting, because the idea isn’t very popular to some people when identified by its proper name: feminism. When broken down to its bare parts, feminism is just the idea that men and women actually have separate cultures, and that in our society, male culture dominates female culture. That’s it. Everything else, from equality to man-hating femi-natzis, are just different ways that this idea is applied to an individual’s lifestyle. I believe that the big problem with this idea is the misunderstanding of what female-centric culture really is. In all actuality, it’s really not all that different from male-centric culture. And I think this reboot of Ghostbusters is a really good example of that.


The Story:        Erin Gilbert (Wiig) is a professor at Columbia University waiting to get tenure. While she’s waiting, a book she wrote with Abby Yates (McCarthy) emerges on Amazon. The book focuses on the supernatural, and Gilbert is worried that the book will prevent her from getting tenure. (Which it does.) Gilbert visits Yates and is introduced to Jillian Holtzmann (McKinnon), an engineer. After a chance encounter with a ghost in a haunted mansion, Gilbert, Yates and Holtzmann start their Ghostbusters business. They hire Kevin (Hemsworth) as their receptionist. After discovering a ghost in the subway, Patty Tolan (Jones) joins the Ghostbusters. The four of them discover a notorious plot to unleash the underworld on New York City. The very peculiar Rowan North (Casey) is believed to be thwarted when he commits suicide, but it turns out that this act was just another stage in his plan.


The Actors:      Wiig does a decent job as the main protagonist in the story, with her arc nailing key points during the movie. She goes from refuting a past belief, to having that belief confirmed, to not being denied validation by her peers, to putting herself in danger in order to save one of her teammates. While Wiig’s acting is satisfactory, I can’t help but feel her particular brand of humor wasn’t meant for this role. She plays the straight man, being an avatar for the audience to view the world through. And it’s comfortable enough. But it feels like she lacks the serious clout needed for this role. I enjoy Wiig’s humor, but this particular responsibility needs more than she brings to the table. While she has her moments (specifically treating Hemsworth as a piece of sex-meat), she falls just short of the leader needed.


McCarthy is a riot, sitting comfortably in a role to play the devil’s advocate against Wiig. She has some great lines and we see a bit of McCarthy stretching her acting muscles just past what we’re used to seeing her do. (Although, not by much.) There could have been more for her to do, but with four actors sharing the spotlight on what seems like a fairly short running time, it’s understandable if there just wasn’t room for her to spread out. The disappointing part is the feeling that Wiig and McCarthy didn’t have the charisma a duo of this complexity should have. They both kinda felt like they just showed up. While in the context of the movie, this is an utter disappointment, it does say something about both Wiig and McCarthy’s acting abilities. Even in an instance where things didn’t seem to quite mesh, they kept everything together and made an enjoyable movie.


McKinnon, for me, is one of the gems of this movie. As an engineer, she creates all of the technology the Ghostbusters use to fight and capture ghosts. And I do have to say, in the sci-fi department, the design team nailed the weaponry. I want one. Of everything. McKinnon seems to be having more fun on screen, really exploring the quirks and idiosyncrasies of her character. Some have speculated that her character might be gay. I can see the speculation. But for me, she secretes sexuality on a primal level. I cannot explain why, but Holtzmann might be one of the most attractive representations of a woman I’ve ever seen on camera. Even besides that, her dialogue was witty and more fitting than most of the other characters. And during the third act, she lets loose on a group of ghosts, proving without a shadow of a doubt that she is the most bad-ass Ghostbuster ever put on screen.


Jones, again, wasn’t given enough to do. She’s sassy, and does exceptionally well balancing both female and African American cultural aspects without seeming like a racial stereotype. Jones owns her role, and her charisma with McKinnon feels more like what it should have been with Wiig and McCarthy. She’s never flat, her humor was golden, and if given the room to spread out, I think she would have really outshined the other actresses. While her reasoning for joining the Ghostbusters seems to be more than a stretch, it was an aspect I was willing to suspend my belief on, purely for the joy of seeing more of her comedy. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of Jones in this role, especially if she’s playing against McKinnon.


Hemsworth is… There are just no words for the genius of Hemsworth in this movie. He plays a really stupid receptionist, and then later possessed by Casey’s Rowan. I really believe Hemsworth should do more comedies. He is the ditzy blond of the movie, and he’s probably the most comfortable in his role out of everyone, save McKinnon. His portrayal of Rowan at the end of the movie was… Eh, horrible really. I did not believe him for one second as the villain. Another utter disappointment. But given all the hilariousness throughout the entire movie Hemsworth serves up, (along with the transforming, near-sacrificial ending with Wiig and McCarthy), I’m willing to forgive him. It’s hard not to say if there’s one reason to go see it, it’s him. While I don’t want to say the male in a female-centric movie should put your butt in a seat, he really did steal the show.


Casey is just as serviceable as Wiig and McCarthy for me. His creepiness stemmed more from his actual appearance than anything he did or said on screen. While he did a fine job as a villain, it seemed a little more cartoony than the movie called for. It should have been taken a bit darker. Not super dark, but Casey helps remind us that where the original was made great by taking itself seriously and allowing comedy within a sci-fi movie, the new Ghostbusters reboot is a self-aware irony; a comedy allowing sci-fi. Unfortunately, it’s another role being phoned in. But again, if that’s Casey phoning in his role, at least he’s a good enough actor to not let the movie fall apart around him. Casey is just as much the professional as Wiig and McCarthy, it’s just blanding to see all three of them show up for a paycheck on something with such a namesake.  


The movie itself, as a whole, is good. The plot is a little lacking, in that it seems like the villain’s motivation is ridiculous. But here’s the first opportunity to compare male and female culture. Casey’s portrayal of an individual that feels like he hasn’t received any respect from another human being his entire life is on point. One could compare the way he’s treated and the way he feels to the way any woman walking down the street might feel at any given time. In our overall society, man is dominate. He is normal. Therefore, anything not man should be viewed as less and treated as different. Rowan North is not manly. He’s socially awkward and super intelligent. Because he’s not manly, he’s viewed by society as not normal. And because he’s been treated this way for his entire life, he wants revenge on all of society for outcasting him instead of trying to understand him for what he is. This is one of the largest arguments for equality within feminism. And in my opinion, it’s the right argument. We don’t always actively realize it, but we (both men and women) treat women differently just because they’re not men. It must be one of the most frustrating aspects of being a woman.


These subtle hints at female culture are littered throughout the film in a way that don’t seem like director Paul Feig is trying to beat you over the head with them. In fact, it’s more inviting in scope, allowing a peek into female culture balanced on legs of comedy and science fiction. While the movie right now might tank horribly in theaters, I can see it being viewed as a pioneering endeavor thirty years from now. It doesn’t shout that women can be interested in comedy and the paranormal, it just states it as a matter of fact, a passing comment in a zeitgeist of ideologies fighting to contradict that message. It’s smart, and Paul Feig, while he didn’t make a perfect movie, should be proud of what he accomplished here.


Take for instance the relationship between Erin and Kevin. To Erin, Kevin is only a sexy piece of meat. He’s not hired for his skills; he’s hired for his looks. There are numerous times throughout the movie where the Ghostbusters address Kevin by his physical attributes rather than as an individual. And he’s as dumb as brick dust. Erin is flustered around him and makes a handful of references about having sex with him. More or less, it’s sexual harassment, and Kevin is too stupid to notice. Hemsworth does an exceptionally good job playing it off as comedy. But in reality, it’s just swapping genders between typical man and woman relationships in the workplace. There’s two different things happening here, and Feig & crew pull off both seamlessly. First, the role reversal isn’t shoved down your throat, so you don’t notice a point about women in the workplace being made. Second, they’re not making a point about how men treat women and reversing the genders. They’re making the point that anyone is susceptible to sexual harassment, and that it’s more about the leadership role and the power that role holds that causes individuals to sexually harass. While it’s true that women suffer from sexual harassment on a far greater basis than men do, it’s only true because men hold most of the power. When we look at the problem in this way, it takes the blame off of men and puts it on the role. The ability to do this makes it easier to address the problem and hopefully create solutions. A counter argument might state that if it weren’t for men and the patriarchal system we live in, sexual harassment wouldn’t occur at all. My response is that you’re right. But stating the obvious isn’t a solution. Trying to win an argument by placing blame on a single group is also a product of the patriarchal system, and until we being to think differently about these issues, we will never fix the problem.


Another really good peek into female-centric culture is a scene involving a thanksgiving-style ghost parade. Holtzmann, Patty and Abby come across the parade and make a reference about normally liking this kind of thing. They slowly come to the realization that these balloons are not what they’re looking for, but before they can get away, Holtzmann “makes eye contact.” This causes a barrage of balloon ghosts to run toward the trio. They fight them off with their Proton Packs, only to be smothered by the last one in line. Patty and Abby both make comments about being uncomfortable while Holtzmann makes a comment about a dream where she dies this way. If this isn’t a metaphor for a night out at the club, I don’t know what is. How many horror stories have you heard about a group of women going to the club for a night of dancing and being barraged by an endless wave of over-inflated buffoons? And Holtzmann’s fear of being smothered to death by one of these buffoons is something many, many women can relate to. Again, Feig isn’t screaming a woman’s rights message from the balconies of the theater. He’s just giving you a subtle little look at female-centric culture, probably in the hopes that you’ll notice.


I don’t consider this movie a feminist movie. It might be easy to read into that by the way I wrote this blog. What I watched was a movie made by women, for everyone. All of these things we mistake as hardcore feminist messages hidden between the scenes are just aspects of a culture we don’t always fully recognize. From the “controversial” queef joke at the start to firing into a ghost’s groin at the end, this is humor that we don’t immediately understand the same way we don’t immediately understand humor from African American or Latino cultures. It’s funny. We just don’t get it. But only because we aren’t regularly exposed to female-centric culture the way the writers, director and actresses are probably exposed to it. When I realized this about myself and the way I was viewing the movie, I remembered something. The lens with which we consume our media is just as important as the media itself. We can choose to shoot down Feig’s reboot as a gimmicky capitalization on a feminist market. Or we can actually try to understand what it is that Feig and crew created, and appreciate it for what it is.


- Benjamin Abel

Issue 36: Terminator 2 Commentary (featuring Michael Boyd)

July 24, 2017

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Issue 35: James O’Barr’s The Crow

July 17, 2017

This week: We do a breakdown of The Crow, a really intense story about death and loss. Also, more Wonder Woman and Spider-Man Homecoming.


Reading List: Any Tradeback of James O'Barr's The Crow.


Issue 34: The Spy that Podcasted (Brubaker’s Velvet Vol. 1: Before the Living End)

July 3, 2017

This week: We discuss a new publication from one of our favorite writers, Ed Brubaker, Velvet. Other topics include Wonder Woman, Spider Man, Han Solo and the Crow.

Reading List: Velvet issues #1-5 (Also in trade as Velvet: Before the Living End). 


Issue 33: Podcast of Extraordinary Gentlemen! (The League Part 2)

June 12, 2017

This week: Eva and Ben go over some recent media, including Logan, Wonder Woman, and Black Panther. Also, more of Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Reading List: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. 

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Issue 32: League of Extraordinary Podcasts! (League Vol. 1)

May 27, 2017

This week: we dive into the first part of our League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series.

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Issue 31: The Original Podcaster! (Alan Moore and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Review)

May 21, 2017

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Issue 30: Go Podcast Go! (Punisher Recap with Bruce Sullivan)

May 1, 2017

This week: We dive back into Gath Ennis's run of The Punisher. 


Reading List: Punisher #1-12 (2000), Punisher #1-7, 13-14 (2001)


Issue 29: Welcome Back, Podcast (The Punisher Pre-Game Show Feat. Bruce Sullivan)

April 17, 2017

This week: We sit down with our good friend Bruce to cover some of the Punisher's back story, and to discuss recent media evenst such as the Thor Ragnorok and The Last Jedi trailers, and the WB/DC debacle. 


  • Amazing Spider-man #129
  • Punisher War Zone 1992 series (80 issues)
  • Garth Ennis Marvel MAX Punisher (37 issues)


  • Punisher 1986 Mini-series by Steven Grant (5 issues)
  • Punisher Born by Garth Ennis (Castle in Nam)
  • Punisher War Journal 2006
  • Punisher In the Blood 2010 (5 issues)


  • Punisher Marvel Knights – Vol 1 Purgatory (4 issues) 1998 -1999
  • Punisher Marvel Knights by Garth Ennis (12 issues) 2000 – 2001 (aka vol 5)

Issue 28: Guardian Podcast pt. 2

April 3, 2017

The continuation of out Daredevil discussion!


Issue 27: Guardian Podcast! (Daredevil: Kevin Smith’s Guardian Devil Pt. 1)

April 3, 2017

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Reading List:

Daredevil (1998 Marvel Knights) #1-8


Issue 26: The Podcast Joke (Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke)

March 27, 2017

This Week: Eva and Ben are finally back, and on a whim, they go through the monumental Alan Moore story, The Killing Joke. Plus, Eva reviews Logan, and the two give feedback on their feelings of the upcoming movie slate.


Reading List:

Alan Moore's Batman: The Killing Joke


Issue 25: Enemy of the Podcast! (Marvel Knights: Black Panther Vol. 2)

February 27, 2017

This week, we cover a political thriller as T'Challa works to discover who is infiltrating the heirarchy of his kingdom in Wakanda. 


Reading List: Black Panther Vol. 2 (1998) #1-12


Issue 24: Podcast Assassins! (Black Widow)

February 20, 2017

This week! We dig into one of the most underrated female heroines in all of comics: Black Widow!



  • Tales of Suspense #52
  • Tales of Suspense #57 w/ Hawkeye
  • Avengers #29 defects, allies with the Avengers
  • Spider-man #86 first redesign as a redhead
  • Amazing Adventures #1-8 (first mini-series anthology)
  • Daredevil #81 becomes reoccurring character


  • Black Widow Web of Intrigue (collects 1970’s appearances)
  • Black Widow: Coldest War 1990
  • Nick Fury/Black Widow: Death Duty 1993
  • Daredevil & Black Widow: Abattoir
  • Punisher and Black Widow: Spinning Doomsday’s Web 1992
  • Black Widow: Deadly Origin 4 issue series
  • Winter Soldier mini-series Vol 1 – 3
  • All Cap collections featuring Bucky as Captain America


  • Black Widow Marvel Knights/The Itsy Bitsy Spider (3 issue arc from 1999)
  • Black Widow: Homecoming (6 issues/ 2 part series)
  • Black Widow: The Things they Say About her (6 issues/ 2 part series)

Issue 23: Luckycast! (Longshot)

February 13, 2017

This week: We take a look at the luckiest guy in comics: Longshot! 

Key Issues: Long Shot Miniseries #1-6; X-Men Annual #10; Uncanny X-Men #248; Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe #1-4


Issue 22: Hellpodcast! (Todd McFarlane’s Spawn)

February 6, 2017

This week! We veer off into Image Comics territory and explore one of the most popular independent creations of the 90's: Todd McFarlane's Spawn!

Suggested Reading: Spawn Vol. 1 #1-12 (honestly, you'll probably want to read more than this, but it's a great start.) 

  • Spawn #174 sold 22,667 copies
  • Spawn #185 Todd returns
  • Spawn #200 sold out first print – art by Greg Capullo and Jim Lee
  • Spawn #8, 32 & 37 Alan Moore guest writer
  • Spawn #9 & #26 Neil Gaiman guest writer
  • Spawn # 200 Robert Kirkman guest writer
  • Spawn #9 First Angela

Issue 21: Podcast from the Future! (Cable)

January 30, 2017

This Week: We cover as much as we can tolerate on the popular character Cable, who's publication history is as convoluted as his back story. Oy vey.


Suggested Reading: New Mutants #87 (First Appearance), X-Force Vol. 1, Cable Vol. 1, X-Cutioner's Song, Inferno, The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix miniseries.


Issue 20: Deadpodcast! (Deadpool Featuring Lady Deadpool Wanda Wilson)

January 23, 2017

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December 27, 2016

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Reading Suggestions:

  • New Mutants #86/87 1ST Cable, first Liefeld
  • New Mutants #97 1st Nicieza as writer
  • New Mutants #98 1st Deadpool & Domino
  • New Mutants #100 final issue 1st X-Force
  • X-Force #1
  • X-Force # 2-19 (First Story Arc, Also Include X-Cutioner's Song: Uncanny X-Men #294-297, X-Men #14-16, X-Factor #84-86, and X-Force #16-19)

Issue 18: Teenage Podcast (New Mutants)

December 19, 2016

This week: Eva and Ben discuss one of the titular X-Men titles from the 80's: New Mutants!



  • Marvel Graphic Novel # 4 1st appearance
  • New Mutants #1
  • New Mutants #14 1st Magik
  • New Mutants #15 Magik joins team
  • New Mutants #16 1st New Thunderbird’s bro James proudstar/Warpath
  • New Mutants #25/26 1st Legion
  • New Mutants #35 Magneto as headmaster
  • New Mutants Annual #2 1st American Psylocke
  • New Mutants annual #6 1st Shatterstar
  • New Mutants #55 Louise Simonson writing
  • New Mutants #60 Death of Cypher
  • New Mutants #64 the morbid issue
  • New Mutants #86/87 1ST Cable, first Liefeld
  • New Mutants #96 death of Warlock
  • New Mutants #97 1st Nicieza as writer
  • New Mutants #98 1st Deadpool & Domino
  • New Mutants #100 final issue 1st X-Force

Issue 17: Winter Podcast (Bucky Version 2.0)

December 12, 2016

This week: Eva and Ben go through Brubaker's last run with Marvel, The Winter Soldier.

Key Issues: Captain America #1 (First Appearance), Tales of Suspence #63-71, Avengers #4, Avengers #56, Captain America Vol #5 #1, 5/6, #34 as Captain America.

Trade Editions: Longest Winter, Broken Arrow, Black Widow Hunt (All three this week). Captain America: Prisoner of War, No Escape, The Trial of Captain America; Winer Soldier: Electric Ghost, Bitter March, Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier.


Issue 16: Return of the Podcast! (Ms Marvel Pt. 2)

December 4, 2016

This Week: Eva and Ben go more in depth with the publication history of Ms Marvel.


KEY ISSUES AS MS MARVEL (Covering the history and origin story in this episode): 

  • Marvel Super-heroes #13 (first appearance)
  • Ms Marvel vol1 # 1 (23 issue run from 1977 – 1979)
  • Ms Marvel Vol1 #3 (First Claremont issue as writer)
  • Ms Marvel vol1 #16 (first Mystique)
  • Captain Marvel #18 (Carol gets her powers)
  • Avengers #171 (Ms Marvel joins)
  • Avengers #200 (the rape of Ms Marvel)
  • Uncanny X-Men #158 & #164 (first Binary)
  • Uncanny X-Men #166 – 167 (covers Binary & the Brood)
  • Ms Marvel vol2 #1 (50 issue run)

     TRADE EDITIONS (all covering the Ms Marvel modern arcs discussed this episode):

  • Ms Marvel: Civil War vol 2 (covers Ms Marvel vol2 #6-10)
  • Ms Marvel: Operation Lightening Storm vol3 (covers Ms Marvel vol2 11-17)
  • Ms Marvel: Secret Invasion vol5 (covers Ms Marvel vol2 25-30)
  • House of M (full trade editions available)

Issue 15: The Podcast You Deserve! With Josh from Jaguar Muay Thai Academy (Batman: Court of Owls)

November 14, 2016

This Week! Josh from Sacramento's Jaguar Muay Thai Academy joins us for another epic character breakdown: Batman. Join us as we talk abot his publication history and one of his more recent epic stories: Court of Owls.


Key Historical Issues: Detective Comics #27 1939 (First Appearance), Batman #1 1940, Action Comics #12, Detective Comics #29, 31, 33, 38 and 395, Superman #76


Trade Editions: Batman Archives Vol. 1-8, Batman The Dark Knight Archives Vol. 1-8, Batman The World's Finest Archives Vol. 1-3, Batman Chronicles Vol. 1-11


Notable Books/Graphic Novels: The Killing Joke, THe Dark Knight Returns, Batman: Year One, Batman: The Long Halloween, Batman New 52: Court of Owls, Batman New 52 Death of the Family, Batman Death in the Family, Batman: Son of the Demon, Batman: Knightfall pts 1-3, Batman: Under the Red Hood, Batman: Hush, Batman: Battle for the Cowl


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Issue 14: (SPOILERS!!!) By Hoary Hoats of Podcasts! (Doctor Strange the Movie and The Oath) (SPOILERS!!!)

November 7, 2016

This week: Eva and Ben go in depth about the Doctor Strange movie and the graphic novel The Oath.

Reading list: The Oath

Watch List: Doctor Strange

Issue 13: Live by the Podcast, Die by the Podcast! (This IS our Blade episode.)

October 31, 2016

This Week: Eva and Ben dive into the Halloween spirit by investigating Marvel's Blade. 

Reading List: Tomb of Dracula #10, Adventure into Fear #24, Vampire Tales #8, Marvel Preview #3, Ghost Rider #28, Blade the Vampire Hunter #1-10, Blade Vol 2 #1, Blade Vol 3 #1-12, Blade: Nightstalking, Blade: Black and White, Blade: Max

Issue 12: Podcasters Unchained! (New 52 Superman Unchained)

October 17, 2016

This week: A return to form for one of the most famous characters ever, Superman. Scott Snyder writes an elegant story starring a version of the boy Kent we all remember and love.

Reading list: History: Action Comics #1 (1938), 11, 59, 149, 662; Superman Vol. 1 #1 (1939), 75, 188, Annual 11; Superboy # 2 (1949), Superman Vol. 2 #75 (Death of Superman. For the podcast: Superman Unchained #1-9

Issue 11: Podcasters For Hire! (Netflix Luke Cage)

October 10, 2016

This week: We head back over to Marvel and discuss Netflix's Luke Cage series. Plus, some thoughts about John Shnepp's The Death of Superman Lives.

Reading List: Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #1, Luke Cage Power Man # 17, Power Man and Iron Fist #50, Power  Man and Iron Fist #125 (These are all the same run, so just real them all.), Cage #1

Watch List: Luke Cage Season 1, Episodes 1-13

Issue 10: This is NOT our Martian Manhunter Issue!! (Justice League of America, Steve Trevor New 52)

October 3, 2016

This week! We pick up on the Justice League stuff from last week, try to explain the difference between Justice League and JLA, and fall in love with Steve Trevor.

Reading List: New 52 Justice League 7-12 and New 52 Justice League of America 1-5

Issue 9: New 52 Podcast League of America’s American America!! (New 52 Justice League Part 1)

September 26, 2016

This Week! We're continuing our deep dive into the New 52! Following our Aquaman show last week, we're joining up with the whole Justice League to see how this shindig was originally kicked off!

Reading List: Brave and the Bold #28, Justice League of America #1, Justice League of America #64, New 52 Action Comics 1-6, New 52 Justice League 1-6 (1-12 optional)

If you're looking for some help with chronology, this will help out a little bit:

Issue 8: Fish Out Of Podcasting (New 52 Aquaman)

September 19, 2016

This week! Ben and Eva (finally) dive headfirst into the DC Universe with Geoff Johns' Aquaman run!!!

Reading list: More Fun Comics #73, Adventure Comics #260, Justice League of America # 228-230, Justice League #243, Aquaman vol 2 #1, Aquaman Special #1, Aquaman vol 7 (New 52) #0-16

Issue 7: Don’t Be A Bully (Carol Danvers Part 1)

September 5, 2016

This week: A full breakdown of the Carol Danvers/Rogue storyline. Very serious stuff.

Reading List: Marvel Super-Heroes #13, Ms. Marvel #1,Captain Marvel #18, Avengers #171, 199-200, Avengers Annual #10, Uncanny X-Men#171, 182, 185, 236, 237, 246, 247, 269.


Issue 6: Mobile Armored Action Podcast! (Ghost in the Shell)

August 29, 2016

This week: Eva shares some insight on cosplaying, we discuss the Russo's explanation of Captain America, and our extensive breakdown of the manga Ghost in the Shell! Also, Ben apologizes for the poor audio. He forgot to turn on the mics because he fell asleep before recording.

Reading List: Ghost in the Shell traceback, volumes 1, 2 & 1.5.

Watch List: Ghost in the Shell animated movie, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (television series)

Issue 5: Friendly Neighborhood Brett Jordan! (Spider-Man)

August 22, 2016

This Week: An extended look at the publication of Spider Man. Plus a short look at B-Squad, a local comic book, and we're joined by our friend Brett Jordan. 

Check out B-Squad here.

Reading List:

·      Amazing Fantasy #15 first appearance

·      Amazing Spider-man # 1 1963

·      Amazing Spider-man #31 first Gwen Stacy

·      Amazing Spider-man #25/42 first Mary Jane Watson

·      Amazing Spider-man #38 (last Ditko issue)

·      Amazing Spider-man #39 (First John Romita Srissue)

·      Amazing Spider-man #50 (Spider-man no more!)

·      Amazing Spider-man #96 – 98 (anti-drug issues.Change to comic code)

·      Amazing Spider-man #121 Death of Gwen Stacy

·      Amazing Spider-man #252 Black Suit

·      Amazing Spider-man Annual #21 The Wedding ofSpidey and Mary Jane

·      Amazing Spider-man #298 (first Todd Mcfarlaneissue)

·      Amazing Spider-man #313 (Famous McFarlane cover)

·      Amazing Spider-man #328 (last McFarlane issue)

·      Spider-man #1 vol1 1990 (the McFarlaneissues/famous cover)


·      Spider-man vs the Green Goblin – collectsAmazing #17, 96-98, 121-122 & 200

·      Spider-man/Mary Jane “You hit the Jackpot”

·      Spider-man Death of Captain Stacy/Death of GwenStacy

·      Spider-man Son of the Goblin

·      Spider-man vs Black Cat

·      Spider-man vs Venom

·      The Amazing Spider-man: Saga of the AlienCostume

·      Spider-man Birth of Venom

·      Spider-man vs Silver Sable


Issue 4: Politically Correct T’Challa (Black Panther)

August 15, 2016

This Week: We dive into what makes a good villain, covering opinions about Silence of the Lambs, Josh Trank's Chronicle, and the thing that some people call Suicide Squad. Also, our in-depth breakdown of Black Panther!

Reading List:

Fantastic Four #52-53 & 119, Fantastic Four Annual #5, Tales of Suspense #97-99, Jungle Action #5-24, Black Panther Vol. 1 & 2, Marvel Comics Presents #13-37

Issue 3: This is Not Our Warlock Episode (Guardians of the Galaxy)

August 11, 2016

This Week: The insane world of Marvel Cosmic brings us renegade characters from around the universe: The Guardians of the Galaxy! And... A Hot Toys Stand rant.

Reading List:

Guardians of the Galaxy: Marvel Super Heroes #18, Avengers 167-177, Anything from Vol 2 & 3.

Star Lord: Marvel Preview #4 & 11, Thanos #8-12, Annihilation Conquest: Star Lord mini series.

Gamora: Strange Tales #180-181, Warlock #9-11, 15, Infinity Watch Series

Drax: Iron Man #55, Infinity Watch Series, Annihilation Conquest Series

Rocket: Marvel Preview #7, The Incredible Hulk #271, Rocket Raccoon Mini series (1985)

Groot: Tales to Astonish #13, The Incredible Hulk Annual #5, Nick Fury's Howling Commando's mini series, Annihilation Conquest mini series

Also recommended with the Infinity Watch series: Infinity Gantlet, Infinity War, Infinity Crusade.

Sac Anime Dates: Sept. 2-4
San Fransisco Comic Con: Sept: 2-4
Merced Comic Con: Sept. 17th
Chico Con: Aug. 27th

Issue 2: Let’s Get Strange (Doctor Strange Overview and Thoughts on The Killing Joke)

August 1, 2016

This Week: Dive into the crazy world of Doctor Strange! A comprehensive overview of the character and a good place to start. Also, some brief thoughts on the new Killing Joke animated film and some not-so-brief technical difficulties! Should I be excited about technical difficulties?

Reading List:

Strange Tales #110, 111, 114-116, 126-127, 146-167
Marvel Premiere # 14 (The God Issue)
Doctor Strange Vol. 2  #1-13 (Includes The Final Curtain)
Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme #1, 48-49, 80
Doctor Strange Vol 4 (Marvel Now) #1-10
Graphic Novels: Dr. Strange & Dr. Doom, The Oath, Into Shamballa, To Have Loved and Lost, What is it That Disturbs You, Stephen?

Also check out The Killing Joke by Alan Moore, a definitive Batman and Joker story!

Comic Conclusion Issue 1: Brubaker, Baby! (SDCC News Updates, Ed Brubaker’s Captain America Run, The Winter Soldier and the MCU Captain America Trilogy)

July 25, 2016

This week: Our thoughts on the new Ghostbusters franchise, News Updates from the SDCC, Eva's love affair with Ed Brubaker, Eva's love affair with Captain America, Eva's love affair The Winter Soldier, Eva's love affair with Black Widow...

Reading List for This Week:

For Captain America: Captain America Comics #1, 3 (Timely Comics), Avengers #4, Strange Tales #114, Tales of Suspense #63-71, 100, Captain America # 180, 282, 323

For Winter Soldier: Avengers #56, Avengers #4, Captain America Vol 5 #1-21, 34 (Most Winter Soldier stories can be found in trade.)

Comic Conclusion Issue 0: Origins (Captain America: Steve Rogers, X-Men: Apocalypse, The Phoenix Saga)

July 18, 2016

This week on our first Giant-Sized Comic Conclusion: A not-so-brief Chris Claremont Lovefest! The part about how they ruined Captain America as soon as we accepted him. The lack of canon in the movies is a shot to the gut. An Apocalyptic review of X-Men: Apocalypse. And a full breakdown of the first thing you should be reading: The Dark Phoenix Saga.

Reading List for This Week:

Apocalypse: X-Factor #5-6, 16-24 (Archangel), Cable Vol. 1 #6, Rise of Apocalypse miniseries (4 issues), X-Force #37, The Age of Apocalypse Omnibus

Jean Grey: Uncanny X-Men #100-108 (Phoenix Saga, M'Krann Crystal), #129-138 (Dark Phoenix, also found in Essential X-Men Vol. 2, X-Men Legends Vol. 2, and Marvel Masterworks Vol. 2), X-Factor #38 & Uncanny X-Men #241 (Annie Richards Death)

And I guess if you really want, Captain America: Steve Rogers #1-2