Issue 2: Let’s Get Strange (Doctor Strange Overview and Thoughts on The Killing Joke)

August 1, 2016

This Week: Dive into the crazy world of Doctor Strange! A comprehensive overview of the character and a good place to start. Also, some brief thoughts on the new Killing Joke animated film and some not-so-brief technical difficulties! Should I be excited about technical difficulties?

Reading List:

Strange Tales #110, 111, 114-116, 126-127, 146-167
Marvel Premiere # 14 (The God Issue)
Doctor Strange Vol. 2  #1-13 (Includes The Final Curtain)
Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme #1, 48-49, 80
Doctor Strange Vol 4 (Marvel Now) #1-10
Graphic Novels: Dr. Strange & Dr. Doom, The Oath, Into Shamballa, To Have Loved and Lost, What is it That Disturbs You, Stephen?

Also check out The Killing Joke by Alan Moore, a definitive Batman and Joker story!

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